Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yo Yo Yo

Hey! So this week was pretty much normal! No big changes haha, just teaching and preaching. Loving it. Since we had these baptisms we lost some investigators so this week we realized we gotta find more people to teach! So we did, we found a really good family through a referral we received. Also our Recent coverts are awesome. Harold works with us like 5 times a week haha. The reason Brother Moleros family was not baptized with him is becuse they just were not ready and didnt understand and I dont want no Less active baptism. haha Its so hard to teach them! Its like they want to be baptized but dont want to feel the spirit. So we have been really praying hard for them that the lessons would go better. And these last two went great, they are finally getting it. So that was sweet. But yeah, that was our week in the picture I sent you can see our new neighbor a big ol Carabao! haha we walk past him everyday and I just wanna jump on and take a ride with that big mama jamma! haha but yeah this week is good! love you fam hope you have a great week:)

                                        My new neighbor and my new weight set!

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