Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Man im excited for conference!

What up. So this week was good!
The work is going really well, we had an interesting proposition given to us by President Tye this week. The standards for excellence for our mission is 14 new investigators per week. And we usually average like 4 or 5 a week. haha same with the rest of the mission. So he said whichever zone has every companionship get 14 new investigators, we eat dinner at the Tyes! haha and thats like Disneyland here! But I was pretty nervous because finding and getting referrals is not my best missionary quality. But we knew we could do it. With the sprirt we could do anything, and in three days we got 16 new investigators! It was sick! With two great families that we hope to progress with. Also everyone in the zone got 14 or more, so it looks like we won, we are just waiting for the announcement. So that was sweet! Also this week was pretty sad, because one of our Ward Missionaries who works with us like everyday. His older brother was murdered. Stabbed to death. So this week has been really hard for him, and we attended his brothers service yesterday. And it was sooo spiritual. Our bishop was awesome, and when he spoke there wasnt a dry eye there. I love that kid so it just broke my heart when I heard about it. He was just about to start his papers too. He lost a lot of faith, but we are going to help him get it back! But yeah that was our week, nothing new! Just working hard!
Elder MC

                Just wanna let Reggie know he's not the only one who can teach a monkey!

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  1. Love the pictures - It's funny how both monkeys seem really interested (?) - So good to read about Myles' experiences - he certainly has the spirit with him and can tell he has grown so much. Keep up the good work, Elder Collins.