Tuesday, April 22, 2014

mga lipat ulit!

Hey FAM! Happpy Easter!! I forgot it was Easter here haha, They dont really have Easter they just have Holy week where people just do nothing for 4 days haha. But this week has been great! I'm nervous because we will find out who transfers today. I think i'm here for one more! Which is fine with me cause I love it here anyways! Also because we have a baptism of 4 next week! You know Bro. Molero who was my first baptism here? He will be baptizing his family this Saturday! I'm freaking happy because you have no idea how hard this family is to teach, and how many struggles we went through with them. But through prayer, fasting, and more prayer.hahaha they made it And I am glad I get six more weeks to help them stay strong! Well also We won the contest! We will be using the rest of our Pday to party at the TYES! I'm stoked man, stoked. And because it was holy week we had an awesome Sacrament attendance haha. Well I dont have a lot of time, I love the Easter season, but I guess its always Easter and Christmas because I will never forget my Savior. Here I really have had so much joy understanding his Atonement and using it to learn Tagalog, to teach, to be happy, and to recieve strength in everything I do! Well love you! Happy Easter homies!
Elder MC

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