Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Man Its Hot.....

Hey! First of all that is so sweet Noah is going to Fiji!! Proud of that kid man! Well fam dam, this week was great! We had another baptism! I was able to dunk my man Harold! Hes an awesome dude, right after his baptism he came and worked with us. Sick right? He is only 13. Love the kid. We hope to start to teach the rest of his family also. Well the baptsim was sweet. We have been also working with brother Moleros family all 6 of them haha to be baptized in April. 
      I had a few cool experiences this week I will share real quick. Well the first is that we have this 18 year old kid that works with us a lot, and he's a super talented kid. He was in the picture I sent last week. Anyways his older brother was active but he fell away, he started getting drunk and stuff everynight. So the kid said we should go teach him. And we had such a cool experience with him. We shared with him about the lords promised blessings to those who follow commandments. And he just started tearin up and said how he always wanted to serve a mission but he felt like he couldn't cause he has this thing wrong with his lip which makes it hard for him to talk, but he always loved the church and wanted to do good. But it just was a cool thing that happend, he changed and we are gonna try to get him to serve now! All from the spirit.
      Well the other experience I had was that I talked to people in my last area, and the missionaries baptized this old lady that I had prepared for baptism, the only problem was she was super weak and like every week we thought she was going to die! haha But she always had a huge desire to go to church and be baptized. Well finally right before I left we figured out a way for her to go to church and get baptized. And then I got transferred. Well I found out that she was baptized, and then the next week she passed away! And thats great! haha only because you can see Heavenly Fathers hand in that work, because there would have been almost no way to get her info for proxy baptism! And I know she was suffering but I know Heavenly Father gave her strength to finish her saving ordinance before she headed to the spirit world:) dope right? Well love you mom! And Family!
Elder MC

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