Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What it is...

Hey! just going hard and stuff in GC! haha Well today is transfer announcements!! I dont wanna leave yet...haha but I dont think im going anywhere! But Lilly might, I'll have to let you know next week. Well also this next week we finish training! Which is a little bit of a relief haha. I will probably have to train again in like 1 transfer haha. But this week has been great! We had mission conference with President Nielson of the 70. Hes the area president here. It was super good. He gave us a lesson on the Atonement. It was awesome. He talked about the "redeeming power" and the "enabling power" of the Atonement. How the redeeming power turns men from bad to good and the enabling power turns men from good to better. It was sick. Opened my eyes big time.We also had a baptismal interview yesterday and we have a baptism this next Saturday. Brother Fransisco Molero. He's a good guy with super big faith! They are very poor, but he still spends money every Sunday to bring his 6 kids and wife to church every week. So im stoked for him. And then we should have another one the week after that. Hah the work goes a little smoother here. Well this week was a good one! Where is my little brother and sister? haha Mah ko kayo eh!
Elder MC


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