Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy St.P! Man I could pinch so many people here!

haha hey mom! And Family! Well this week was great! with one very crappy night! haha I'll only tell you because its over now and im better.... Well this week was sick! It was transfer day and no I didn't leave and neither did Lilly! One more transfer with him. Yes, we had a Baptism! Brother Fransisco Molero! He is so awesome! He is a super faithful guy who even though is poor, pays to travel to church with his 7 children! That baptism went so well, and this next week we have another scheduled! My boy Harold Saavedra! He is 13 and loves to come to church, and the reason he wants to be baptized is cause he wants to serve a mission! There is no one in his family who are members so he goes to church by himself! He's dope too. Well yeah it was just a very good and spiritual week! Well what I was saying was on Thursday I got one of the classic sickness that you get here, just a rockin fever and crazy stomach pains! Well it was sweet and I couldnt sleep, so at like 2 in the morning I went out to go to the bathroom, aaaand all I remember is waking up 5 minutes later on the kitchen floor. hahaha Then when I woke up I like couldn't move so I had to get Lilly to help me get my strength back. Then I finished off the night dry heaving and throwing up! hahaha it was sweet but don't worry I'm good now! It was just a good experience. Well yesterday was elder Lillys birthday. So we had dinner at one of the members house again and they bought him cake and stuff. I love going to that house its like home, haha jk. But a great week! Love You momma! And Family!
Elder MC
                                                          The streets of Golden City
                                     You will see his family in baptismal clothes this April!
Happy Birthday Elder Lilly!
If missionaries had staches? 
Mom I thought you would like this? Found it in out in the jungle.

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