Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Keepin It Real Down Here!

Hey FAM!!!! Hows everything going this week?! Well this week was a good one. We had some cool experiences this week! We had a sweet service project out in the boonies this week in Alfonso. Its straight up jungle, super sick. We cut out dead plants in a dragon fruit field! I hadnt even heard of a dragon fruit field till I got here haha!
      But we had some cool lessons this week. We are teaching a family whose baptism was supposed to be Mar. 15th but they just were not progressing which stinks but they commited to reading the Book of Mormon. That was their problem, but its okay because they will be baptized in April also we still have two people in March!  So this week was just tough with teaching because Elder Lily was not helping very much. He would bearly teach or even open his mouth. I cant tell you how hard it is to teach all the lessons by yourself! Especially when you have only been there for 5 months!! So these past few days I was just getting super frusterated with him and just kind of mad. On Saturday night I just kind of realized I was there 3 months ago just hating my comp. because he would get mad. But I read something that David A. Bednar said about the Atonement. That we have the Atonement not just to repent, but to receive strength, and pray for others to receive strength to endure our burdens not change them.. but endure them. So I just prayed for strength and for elder Lily to receive strength. The next days were just so much better! And Sunday night we taught this less active family, and of course it started out all me, but then he just opened up! and taught like the whole lesson! It was dope. Prayer and the Atonement are powerful my friends. And Im learning everyday here. Its freaking dope here haha. Love you mom!!
Elder collins

     Mom, I decided I am not coming home and I'm just going to work in the fields for 10 pesos a day!

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