Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hi From The Pines

Hey! So this week has been pretty good. Elder Lilly is doing pretty good. He got sick for the first time in the Philippines! So cute right? hahaha I told him he would get used to it:)He is doing better now, im still struggling to get some help from him and keep him happy and motivated! He is just always so quiet and not very social, but he wants to change that and thats why he said he is out here. Teaching lessons alone is starting to get pretty hard. haha Well this week we scheduled another family to be baptized in April! We started teaching this guy who had been taught by the missionaries twice, and both times he got so close to the baptism but the paperwork got messed up or something so he got offended and stopped! haha Twice! but he has awesome faith and wants to be baptized so hopefully the 3rd times a chram right? haha jk I wont mess up;) Also we set a baptismal date for his family because they have seen his example and want to follow it. So thats awesome! We also have this 14 year old kid scheduled for March. It was super wierd we had been teaching his sisters, and we figured he was member because he has been coming to church by himself for awhile. But when we started teaching his sisters it turns out he isnt! So we just scheduled one for him and he was like I have been waiting for along time, you just tell me when my interview is haha! Also we went to Ternate beach in Naic last Monday, that was super fun. So beautiful there! That's about it, just loving missionary work! Mahal ko kayong lahat!
Elder Collins

                                                Some Scenery Pics From Ternate Beach

Ok Its Probably A Little More Fun In The Water? 

This One Goes Out To The Fam Damily! :)

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