Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What? Its Febuary Already?

Hey! So this week has gotten a little easier than the week before. Golden City has parts of it that are just like Bulihan and worse, then it has a couple very rich places! Like their houses look American! its sick. with a little jungle, its nice its like the best of both worlds haha. Well yeah last week felt a little crazy with being in a new area and it started out rough. But this week I was able to learn the area and start to get some work done. We scheduled 7 baptismal Dates for March! The work here goes a lot smoother than Bulihan. haha but I still miss it. The bishop in this ward is awesome, he's super awesome and so hard working I love it. Well Elder Lilly is also progressing! He is struggling to be motivated and is learning to love the work and people. He is trying to progress with the language so I am making him practice teach everyday to get better haha. he hates it but it works:) But he is doing better and I love him. And the Elder that  was way chill who went to Olympus, went back to Tacloban today.... sayang haha  So the house might be more quiet than usual... We had another service project out in Squatterville which was way fun too, well it kind of turned into a cake fight hahaha! So yeah I havent been here too long to have a lot of stories. I wish I did! But I love the Golden City ward the members! The people we teach are so receptive and training is sweet haha. Love you guys!
Elder Collins
                                    My Son Elder Lilly (I know he looks way older then me)
My Little Elders
Beautiful Filipino Sunset


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