Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The City Of Gold......NAWT!

 Hey! Hows errybody! Well this week has been a different one! I'm now in Golden City! Its like 10 minutes away from Bulihan....hahaha Its like one step up from Bulihan instead of all squatters its has a few really nice areas! And the chapel is huge, the members are more involved and the bishops is very good. Well transfering kinda stinks though because I miss Bulihan and my old investigators, but ill find love for the ones we have! It feels like I am restarting my mission, but this time im not being trained, I'm training! hahaha My anak is Elder Lily He has already been here a few weeks before I started training him. But when I got to Golden City things were a mess for him. He didnt know the area well or the people he was teaching or Tagalog, so it was pretty much the same as shotguning haha. He had struggled bad with his first trainer, and everything else. Things started out very quiet! We are pretty much opposites. He's a gamer, he kinda just spent his life gaming on the computer so he has poor social skills. He is going on 21 and im 18. Hahah its so wierd im training someone who is older than me. Sooo yeah the first couple days were rough, but I got him to open up a bit, and weve been pretty good now! I really hope I can help him and be a great trainer. Teaching the whole lesson, is probably one of the hardest things about training especially when your not quite fluent!! haha But its been okay this week, hard...but fun Well that was this week not too much! haha Love you!

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