Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ayyy naku!

Hey! whats up! So this week has been pretty chill! We have been doing a lot of good work this week. We have been preparing two families to be baptized in march! The Molero family, which reminds me exactly of the Guitierrez family in my last area! haha and the Mijares family. They are both doing very well, the only problem with Mijares is the father hates us and wants nothing to do with us, so its only the mother and kids. And its always hard when the father doesnt approve, but we will work on that. Also the pictures you have seen on facebook are of the Ternate family. They are Elder Lillys Recent Converts and they are perfect, they are so faithful, they seriously want us to come over everyday and teach them haha. They have so much great knowledge already of the gospel. Brother is going to be a future bishop or something haha! She loves taking pictures so I wouldnt be suprised if shes posts like a ton! I love going there its kind of like going home sometimes hahaha. But anyways, I also had a very personal spiritual expierience this week. We have two less active families that are just so hard to teach, and they just weren't  progressing at all. They just seemed like they wanted nothing to do with us anymore. This last Saturday we had planned to visit that afternoon, they were both on the same street, so it was kind of one right after another, we were already having such a hard day... well we went to the first family and they said they were "busy", I got a frusterated and doubtful with these people, so I decided that we should just not go to the next family and spend our time finding other people. I kind of lost faith in these families, my heart was in the wrong place! Later that night I just kept thinking, "The worth of every soul is great in sight of God" I felt so bad about my doubt and I prayed and asked for forgiveness, and to bless those two families. The next day in sacrament meeting, both families came to church! It was sooo sick, It was such a faith builder for me! And makes me know, never to give up on anyone. Because we are all family, children of our Heavenly Father. Again made me love missionary work!!! Today for our Zone Activity we are going to the beach in Naic! Super stoked for that too! Well Mahal ko kayong lahat! Malakas pa akoy!
Elder Collins

                  Saw This Sign On A Jeepney And Thought It Was Hilarious, Classic Filipino!

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