Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hey FAM!! Man skyping was the best last week!!! Made me a little trunky...... NAW im just kiddin I don't wanna go home! haha Well this week in Naic was a rough one. The work here is so much harder to progress with than in the city! Everyone is always out to work and stuff! But we have some pretty great investigators! And we always feel so good with them until Sunday morning... Saturday night we feel so great cause we just know that they are going to come to church! Then Sunday morning....NUTHIN haha its so heart breaking here, but you just have to realize everyone has their agency, and all you can do is build their faith so strong that nothing will stop them from going to church. But its just a hard area cause NO ONE has money and the chapel is so far away! Thats why baptisms come really slow here. But you gotta just keep working hard and being obedient and it will come. Its also been hard because our roomates are flippin Pasuway (disobedient) And so they always just get mad when I tell them to stop and then it just causes contention! But whatever I dont let crap like that bother me! The blessings will come I just know it!
Well later we are going to Tagaytay again! with our zone, were going to a different part this time. So pictures will probably come next week! love you family!
Keep it real!

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