Thursday, September 18, 2014

That missionary life...

Hey Family!!! Hows everybody? Well this week was good! Pretty busy! Well dad wanted to know about our everyday life as a Filipino Missionary. Well we wake up work out, and wash our clothes by hand if we have extra time. Then study, after studies we usually have to do something with numbers or paper work and all that. Then we make lunch and go out to work. Lunch consists of rice, rice and more rice. Man the diet here is rough, I miss my moms spinach salad. haha Then we go do the work of the Lord. Here we get a lot of acceptance, but some just have a hard time following the commandments. The knowlege of some of the other churches is very twisted, so we just focus on building a testimony in their hearts. We will teach lesson one 5 times until they understand, because thats whats important.  We usually dont get home until exactly 9:30 because we are far away. So we dont usually eat dinner, haha. Its nice being in a big city because they have a big shopping mall and stuff, in Naic we had to travel 2 hours to find one haha. We get to do an activity today because we hit standards of exellence for work and our reward is that we get to plan an activity, so we are going bowling! haha its a ghetto place but im excited! haha So we have just been finding like crazy, and slowly we are seeing progress, man we have had so many spiritual experiences in this area its amazing.
I had my first zone meeting as a zone leader, it went really well. We also had interviews with president Tye! It was good, zone leaders have to plan it and conduct it all so our interviews with him were like 5 minutes each, haha we just talked for a bit. 
One experience we had this week was when we were finding people to teach, and we were not having to much success, so this boy was walking and he said hi to us and we started talking to him, and he says" hey wanna teach my mom?", and we were like yeah of course. haha so he takes us to his house and his mom was so suprised but being the Filipino she is, she kindly lets us in. We found out its just the two of them because the father left. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and asked her to pray and ask God and that if she felt something in her heart, we asked her to come to church the next day. Well we prayed like crazy for them, and to our amazement she walked through the doors on Sunday! After just one lesson! It was great! Just one of the many experiences this week! I Love being a missionary!
Elder Collins

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