Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Imus Life.....

Man what a week. This week has almost been as long as my first week in the Philippines! haha So many changes! This past Wednesday I was transfered to Imus Bacoor to be ZL2 with Elder Zacarias. Yeah son, Im back to the city. haha it was different going from Naic to Bacoor. Everything is so much closer, haha and The traffic is a lot worse haha, there is even like people traffic haha. My new companion is Elder Zacarias, hes a stud. I thought I had gotten to be a pretty good teacher, Nope hes an amazing teacher. haha hes an all around good missionary. But he is super quiet and spiritual all the time, but its chill with me. He was supposed to be AP but it didnt happen and he got a little discouraged because instead hes training me. hahah But Im super stoked to learn from him, theres a ton of things that he will help me better at in teaching and leading. Well heres the harder part. When I got here it turns out they had just split this area, and Elder Zacarias had to give up their 2 strongest progressing areas to new missionaries. So we were left with an area that hadn't been worked in like at all. Sooooo were pretty much shotgunning again. haha oh man its okay im used to it. So he gave away all the baptismal canindates, and recent converts. So we have not to much. But its all good, Heavenly Father knows there is an area that needs strengthening and he called us to do it. He wont let us down. Well also being a new zl is very busy haha. Just more paperwork, calls, and other things. We usually dont finsh till like 10 or 10:15, so right after its straight to bed. So its been very tiring, and very humbling. I have so much more to learn. Thats all I wanna do is just learn. Learn how to better teach the gospel, learn how to better be a servant and leader of  Bacoor Zone. So great things are hard and tiring sometimes and your always sore, but while your serving none of that matters, I love it! Also I want to give a shout out to the Millers! I got your package! Thank You! You guys are keeping me alive out here! I love you all!  
Elder MC

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