Sunday, August 18, 2013

Second Email from the MTC

man this has been the longest week of my entire life!! Ive been here 4 days it feels like 4 weeks!!
We wake up at 6:30 and study, then eat then at 8:00 we have 3 hours of class! And once you start class.. theres no english for the rest of the day! its crazy! then we had 2-3 hours of personal and companion study time! then we have dinner then we have class again or a workshop or lecture or something. which some of them have been very cool! And then we have a meeting or we plan for the next day! This language is ridiculous! iTS IS SOO hard. But weve been here for 4 days and i can already bear my testimony and pray in tagalog! and we already taught to our first "investigator"
 in tagalog too! My companion is elder atkinson! he is a very cool guy, hes from kaysville utah! we dont share to much in common, but we get along! We are in a triple companionship so my other companion is Elder Petelu! hes from the pacific islands like fiji! so he doesnt speak to much english! But he way cool! he does tae kwon do! And his calves are huuuuge! so ill be safe if I get in fight or anything! hahah We also have two more elders in our district, elder golden, and elder christensen! hahah i asked elder christensen about the wooleys, and he has no idea what i was talking about! so thanks for making me look dumb my first day! haha jk well this place is awesome! the minute i walked through the door i felt the spirit so strong! And its been there ever since! It feels so good! My branch president is a cool guy but hes a stickler! the first two days were really tough on me! but its been getting better and better everyday! I dont know if you have sent me any packages or anything but i havent got them cause our mail got messed up! we are now 289 instead of 299! on my MTC address! But keep sending me stuff! Please:) Will you send me my email list and address! so you can forward this to everyone! Salamat for everything!
Alam ko po na sa ang simbahan ni jesucristo ng mga banal mga huling araw!
Mahalin! Elder Collins


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