Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What a week! :)

HEY!! Well this was great! Probably the busiest and most different week in my mission. The life of an AP is a lot different then I thought it would be. haha A lot more challenging. Were just always on the go. But it has been a great week! I don't even know where to start! They picked me up Monday morning, and we started from there. They trained me a bit, then I was able to have dinner with the Tye's because of Elder Zacarias' last day. It was so cool just to be with them like one on one. We talked over a few problems in the mission and stuff. Then we had to go back to the office that night a fix our transfer boards for Wednesday. We didn't get home till around 11. Then Tuesday morning we got up at 4 in the morning to go pick up some of the going home missionaries from their areas. and take them to the office. From there we took them to the temple in Manila! I finally was able to see the temple. And do a session with the going home missionaries and President and sister Tye. It was an awesome experience. After that we had to drive them all the back to the mission home. Go back to the mission office and pick up there luggage, take it to their hotel that they would be staying in. Then go back to the mission home and wait till they finish their activities. Then take them to their hotel. After we took them to the hotel, we went back to the office to finish some other stuff. We got home at about 11:30. haha. Then Wednesday was transfer day. so we woke up at about 5 to go pick up some sisters from the hotel because their flight wasn't till the next day. After that we prepared for transfer day. Welcomed the new missionaries, and me and my companion gave them training before they went out. Then we had to help some missionaries get home from the office to their areas. After that we were back at the office. Fixing this program on the computer that's needed for reporting. haha Long story short, I'm a bit tired. But it has been an awesome learning experience. 
We didn't get an actual missionary lesson in till Friday! haha Also being an AP is kind of hard sometimes. Because you also know of all the bad things happening in the mission. All the disobedience. So it makes you kind of sad. We actually just had a problem on Saturday, where president sent a missionary home. It was kinda rough to be apart of it. But its also a big help. Being with President Tye more helps me see his great leadership skills and helps me learn from it. Overall this week was awesome. It was different but so awesome.
My spiritual experience this week. Was of course being able to visit the temple. Man it was amazing. the whole start of being an AP I just felt really inadequate, like I couldn't do it, and stuff. Just a little stressed. So when I was able to just sit and ponder in the lords house. I felt such a strong spirit, I hadn't felt so much peace in my whole mission. I had a feeling directly from the lord that I can do this:) This week I have continued to study and ponder the principle of revelation through the holy ghost, that that is what our church is based on, Receiving revelation. We are just asked to be worthy of it. To ask seek and knock. Everyone is entitled to feel gods love and receive his revelation and will. We just have to strive to live the gospel to its fullest. That's really what I've been striving to do. Be worthy always of the spirit. 
It been a good one:) Love,Elder MC

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