Thursday, February 26, 2015

Notha week

Hey!!! Well where to start this week. Well life over here has been a lot of change. And a ton more busy. We werent able to get a ton of teaching and finding done this last week. Like only one real day of it. So we really planned to try to get a ton of work planned this week. Well we had a lot of problems pop up that we had to take care on the mission. So we lost some time to work. I really miss already just being out there everyday, getting work done. But this week has been a great learning experience for me. Its really helped me develop skills and attributes, including more patience. haha. 
     Another cool part of being an assistant is being able to travel the whole mission doing exchanges with the ZLs from every area. And this week I was able to go back to my area in Los Pinas with Elder Burbidge. Man what a blessing it was. I was worried about a lot of the people that I left because I really wanted to continue teaching them and eventually baptize them. I think it was like 6 or 7 people. But when we went back and taught them, I was over joyed to see that they were all progressing! They had all been to church and were readily preparing for baptism:) Warmed my heart to know that. That 6 weeks in LP was not a waste:)  This week we have scheduled to go back to Imus, my 4th area, and then back to other ends of the mission. 
    We also have scheduled for Elder Echo Hawk of the area presidency to visit our mission in march. so we have been preparing for that. We have to do a lot for it, we are going to be spending about 3 days with him. haha We drive him around, and conduct all the meetings and stuff like that, and I think I also have to speak. haha I'm pretty nervous. 
   Being an assistiant theres not a lot time to work, so of course are area struggles a bit. But we recieved a referral from a really active member. And we taught them, it was a very spiritual lesson. and he came to church this Sunday. He said he loves how happy the people are here, and thats what really caught his attention.  How true is that right? Whenever you walk into the temple or the church. Do you ever see a sad person, or some whose really mad? Never, because everyone living this gospel is happy, even if they got problems, they are happy people. There is a joy in this church that just quite cant be explained. And I think thats what he saw. I said in my testimony this Sunday at church. That sometimes all were missing as members of the church is a smile. We are happy inside, but we gotta show it, we have to hold up our lights so just like that brother we taught, Others will see it and "glorify their father which is in heaven" Just smile, and the problems will go away.
 Love, Elder MC

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