Tuesday, March 3, 2015

HEY sorry I'm late!

Hey guys! Sorry I'm super late today. We ended up having to drive 2 hours to Manila to take some sisters for x-rays up by the temple. And then two hours back haha. Im pretty beat. But it was cool to see Manila again! The even cooler part was I was the one driving! haha I got my Filipino license this last Friday. Its so crazy driving in the Philippines. There are no traffic laws so its just a free for all haha. Its like MarioKart sometimes! :) Well this week has been great for Elder Rindlisbacher and I. He is probably one of my more favorite companions! He is a stud. We have a good time together. 

    We were also able to go on exchanges with the Bacoor Zone Leaders this past Tuesday. It was really great to go back and work with Elder Christensen in Imus again and be able to see all the people that we found and taught together. They are now recent converts of the church, it really strengthened my testimony of this gospel, and this work. No matter who taught them in the end, they were converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, that's all that matters. We also were able to teach a family together that we had found right before I left that area, who were now progressing. But the mother was having a hard time on her testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. So at the end of that lesson we felt prompted to have her kneel down with her family and pray and ask about Joseph Smith. She agreed, and as soon as she started the prayer the spirit was so strong. She finished her prayer, and just sat there in deep silence, we all had such peaceful feelings. She looked up with tears in her eyes and said she had never had a feeling like that before. Elder Christensen said that lesson was a big breaking point for them, so I'm excited to hear how it goes with them. 

    We also went on exchanges with the Molino Zone Leaders. (our next door neighbor) I had the pleasure of going to their area. Well we also had a pretty awesome experience that day too. Elder Matina (My batch) and I were not having much success at the start of the day, nobody was at home. For Elder Matina it was a little frustrated, so we stopped for a second, took some breathes. Then Elder Matina just said, "lets just listen to the spirit." We took a few more breathes then walked down this street. As we were walking Elder Matina says, " hey lets just go left" And literally right as we took that left trun we hear "Elders!" haha we ended up meeting a security guard, whose wife and children are members in Cebu, and he has a son on a mission in Davao. He was not a member because he had moved to Cavite to work. Well we taught him, and it was a great lesson. He already seemed like a member. I cant express how important it is to just listen to the holy spirit. I think sometimes when we are frustrated we forget that simple thing. Just stop and listen. And you will feel something. 

  Elder Rindlisbacher and I also had a cool experience yesterday. We had been teaching this lady and her children. We felt prompted to ask this particular member to fellowship her. We didn't know why but we figured it would work. Well when we showed up at the appointment last night. It turns out that they use to be enemies back in the day, because they argued about something at the palengke. But they became really great friends at that lesson last night. And the sister we were teaching even asked the member if she could pick her up next week for church! So it worked out really well, and that member was forever grateful that she was able to make up with that person. Another great result of following the spirit. 
This week has been great, busy busy of course. But I truly love every minute of it.
 Love, Elder MC

                                                  Working with brother Credo, he is a great guy!
Brother Credo bought us Barongs (traditional Filipino clothing)


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