Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Transfers na naman!

Hey family! Well its transfers already! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? haha man that flew by! The fastest transfer by far on the mission. And you know what transfer week is for apes, haha a busy week! But I'm super excited. We got a day of driving missionaries, going to the temple, hauling luggage, giving training, and driving more missionaries, and getting the transfer for missionaries to go smooth. Its pretty sweet. And guess what, I already go my trunky letter, haha the letter to plan your flight. Its going too fast. 
I'm super excited for the temple again. One of the bigger blessings of being an assistant. Not alot of people or missionaries get to go. So I am always so grateful for the opportunity. To be able sit again and to ponder and talk with my Father in Heaven. Stoked!
   Another cool part of the week was seeing brother Raymond, our investigator at stake conference in a shirt and tie. He went to all of the sessions too, even on Saturday. One thing that really touched our hearts was when we each gave him one of our favorite neckties. It really meant a lot to him and he said to us, " I really feel something in my heart, like a tingling feeling. I know this is true and that I am in the right place." It really made me feel the spirit too. I can really say that there is no better feeling then to know your investigators feel the spirit. We are blessed right now to feel the spirit everyday of our lives, but when they feel the spirit its a small miracle that takes place in their lives. If all goes as planned he should be baptized this April 4th. 
Its been a great week, we have been struggling lately to balance the assignments we have with the work that we want to accomplish. But this week has been a great blessing to see a few of the people we found last week start to progress. The English speaking couple we taught last week is now progressing, they really want to search the Book of Mormon, and pray to know if its true. Even though they have already said they believe its true. Another family we found said the same thing. And they want to come to church also! What a blessing. Its great to be able to balance the work.
Love you, Slow down the clock! 
Elder MC

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