Friday, March 20, 2015

Mission Tuuur

Hey! Man what a week! It has been awesome! Of course you already know that Elder Echo Hawk came of the 70/ Area Presidency. Well Tuesday was his first day here. First thing he did was interview President Tye. Then us. haha We had a 45 minute interview. He was a pretty serious dude, but we got him jokin a bit and talking about football, haha. Anyways the interview was cool, he mainly just talked about the mission and asked about our families. After that we drove him around a bit to look at a few missionary apts. haha that was pretty fun too, little scary driving him, you just gotta drive slow. haha. After that we had the opportunity to have dinner with him his wife and President and Sister Tye! Man that was cool. The next two days were zone conferences with half of the mission on each day. I conducted one day, elder bacher conducted the next. It was an amazing two conferences. I learned so much! Everyone who spoke was amazing. Ive reviewed my notes that I took like 3 or 4 times this week. That's awesome he emailed you! Send me a copy I wanna see it.
  This week for our work was actually pretty great due to we didn't get to start till Thursday night. This past week we have really cleaned out our teaching pool and have had success finding really prepared people. We have a lot of plans for baptismal dates. One particular finding experience we had this week was this last Saturday afternoon, we had been talking to people for awhile and hadn't had to much success, but as we were walking down the street we say this couple with matching T-shirts on, and big smiles.  I knew right then that we needed to talk to them. Well they were great, and they speak fluent English, actually that's what they prefer. They invited us into their home, and accepted our message. They said everything we were teaching made sense. And the husband asked for an English copy of the Book of Mormon so he could study it. It was awesome. Earlier in that day we had a man just stop us on the road and tell us to come in because he wants to hear us, and he had a lot of questions for us. Well boy did he ask and ask and ask, haha but the spirit really helped us to answer the questions he was giving us. well after only a short lesson, he told us he wants us to meet and teach his whole family. It was just an unbelievable experience. We plan to go back on Saturday and invite them to baptism. 
    We have also continued to help Bro. Raymond progress. He has a baptismal date for April 4th. He just came to church his 4th time around this past week. It has been a really cool change in him. Every time we teach him he just seems happier. And his first time at church he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The next time jeans and a nice shirt. The next time he was in slacks and a nice blue button up shirt. This last Sunday he was in a white shirt and slacks. He looked like an active member. All he needs is the tie. The gospel is changing his life. Its amazing to see.
   Our Elders Quorum teacher gave a great lesson yesterday on Jesus Christ. He really said something that hit me. He was talking about most peoples beliefs of Jesus Christ. And since he was an RM he knew the typical answer if we ask them why they believe in Jesus Christ or what is their belief. Was for them to be saved, or because that's what their teachers and parents have said. He said that was a selfish answer, "so I can be saved". He said we as latter day saints Believe in Christ because we "love him," and are grateful for what he did for us.  I really liked it, We should be doing all these things, just because we love him and cherish his gift he gave to us. I think Ezra Taft Benson said that a testimony is a "gift". "Conversion" is paying and being grateful for that gift. Something like that. He said that knowing and loving Jesus Christ can really help us shape our priorities in life, make decisions, and overcome trials. We can truly do anything if we know Christ in our lives. Man I love my mission!
Love, Elder Collins

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