Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flight Plans!!!!

I got em!!!!! oh man I am sooo stoked!!! I fly to Portland, then to Tokyo!!! then to Manilla! I leave sept 23, at 430 in the morning! Oh man I cant wait! Ill send you a pic of them! Im glad you liked their letters! They are funny guys and its funny to hear them speak English! hah I knew you would shed some tears! Haha that dream sounds funny, I remember having a dream just like that when Reggie was gone where he would get to fly home every other month haha. So it would probably be better if you just send me a pre paid phone or whatever, that sounds like a better idea! So this week was pretty much the same as any other week! Its tough to keep learning when you dont know what else to learn! Theres 20 something types of verb conjugations! Its ridiculous! Then we just have class twice a day and gym. Pretty sweet ehh? Ive seen some new people! like Dallin Ritchie, Will Pham, Brandon Cale, and Jenncia Williams! They are doing way good! Oh and get this?! I see Tyson Hubbard everyday! youll have to tell Kim! He looks like he is having a good time! And he is a big mamma jamma! haha oh yeah thanks for the soccerball! I use that thing 24/7 im getting pretty good! and we play some hardcore hallway soccer! Its so fun! Also Basketball! I figured I would get really good at both just in case they play soccer there too! haha jk but I love basketball here! All these kids that just came from playing high school ball are so fun to play with haha! hmm what else, Not much has happend this week! I am slowly starting to use Tagalog in everyday conversation.! And in dreams! Its so wierd! On somedays when we have free time they let us watch mormon messages and conference talks and stuff which is super fun! Said goodbye to Mason Utley yesterday, gonna miss him! I got to see him all the time! ayy hmmmmmmm hindi ko alam.... Ask me questions cause I cant think of anything else to say haha. but also send me a copy of that poem that I used!  Mahal ko kayo!
Elder Collins! 

Classic Temple Walk Picture With Swalbes and Christensen
Little Willie And Me

                                         I Mustache You A Question About The Gospel :)

                                               But I'll Shave It For Later Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

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