Sunday, September 8, 2013

Halfway Done!!! (With the MTC)

Halfway!! Almost 4 weeks down! Feels like four years! hahaha but really! Feel like I should be heading home soon!;) We get our flight plans this next friday!!!!!!!!!!!! is that crazy or what!! Im so excited I just cant hide it! Well this week was a pretty normal one! The language is coming along! There are 14 types of different verb conjugations that we need to know! Ive got 4 of them down! which is like 160 words! We taught our first lesson this week without any script or notes! And we killed it! It was so nerve wrecking at first but when you rely on the lord he helps you through things like this! Even if it was just practice! you just start to make little breakthroughs each time. Its cool when you start to think in Tagalog a little bit, its something ive never felt before! Hey Where are the pictures of Sam and Max? and the plaque one! Haha jk take your time! We had a good devotional on Tuesday, the President over Missions of the Quorum of the 70 spoke! He is actually Claytons neighbor! He did an amazing job. Part of his talk was explaining jacob 5! oh man was I grateful for that haha! Im starting to really love all the missionaries from Kiribati! They are hilarious once they open up! They taught us a funny like tribal dance thing that we did for them! haha and I wish I could send it to you but these dumb butt computers wont let me! Its super funny though! I love them it makes you really think about how good you have it! They are so far away from home they are lucky to get one or two letters. All the stuff we do, is like brand new to them. While learning English, they learn Tagalog too so they have it twice as hard! I have so much respect for these guys! They are so funny and so humble! Tell Sam good luck and I am rooting for him! I wish I could be there to coach him or something! My football dreams live through him! And max too! Im currently wearing a lava lava:) haha the guys from Kiribati gave me one to wear! I am sending a picture! Well sorry my e mails aren't to interesting right now. I hope they get better once I am out there! Love you all like crazy! I miss home!
Much mahal,

 Just Chilling In My Lava Lava on P-Day (with Jesus) #realmenwearskirts  

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