Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Out Of Here!!!!

Yo YO Yo!
Hey momma! ohhh maaaan I dont know if im more excited or more scared outta my mind! I dont know Tagalog at all. Im ready to leave but not ready at the same time! You know what I mean? Well whatever.. lets do this! I got this! So thanks for the lovely plane package! That neck pillow is going to save my life! So this week has been just full of goodbyes! We had to say good bye to our favorite guy in the branch presidency, Bro Waite! He is seriously the coolest guy! It was tough to say good bye to him! Then 3 of our 4 teachers already left so it was tough to say goodbye to them! Me and the Kiribati Elders sang everyone of them a goobye song! Haha they were teaching me to sing better cause they all have that amazing islander voice! So im getting pretty good! hahahaha but it was bitter sweet to sing to them! We said goodbye to all of our fake investigators too and yes they all are getting baptized haha:) Well weve just been trying to get things in order for the flight! Its bout to get cra cra the next two nights!! haha Had our last gym time a few days ago! Bitter sweet but I hear they play a ton of basketball in Cavite! so its chill! Yesterday was In-Field Orientation! It was all day! 8 hours long! haha but it was kinda enjoyable! We had just a bunch of returned missionary speakers and different scenarios on how to be a good missionary! So not bad! I saw Jordan Gooch! He came in this week! Also Chase Debenham. I still see Clayton, Avery, Will and Dallin like errrryday! so instead of calling you im just gonna call my friends is that cool...... hahaha jk Well I cant wait to talk to you on Monday!  I'm stoked got the celly ready! I'm stoked to see Japan! I never dreamed that I would be in places like that! How are things going? You stoked to see Reggie in like 2 weeks? Give him an extra hug and tears for me too! Im sad that its so close, but the only explanation I can think of is the lord wants me out there as soon as possible because he has a little philipino family waiting to hear the broken Tagalog words of a little American 18 year old boy! Ohhhh cant wait! How are the Eagles doing? Tell max to tell me as soon as possible today! haha I gotta know! How are things back at home? Tell max that losing to Box freaking Elder is not acceptable! Put me in coach!;) Tell him just to keep working at it in practice! skill always beats politics in the long run dont worry! work hard! And enjoy high school football, it goes by fast! Give it all you got! I know your better than those other kids ive seen your skill just keep workin you got this!  I love you! And as for sam! you look so dope on that field! I heard your an animal? thats what I like to hear! love you bud! Whats anna doing these days? haha love her too! Well salamat for all you guys do! I miss everyone like crazy! Talk to you lunes! 
sa Magpagmahal,
                      THE  Elder Collins

   Found This Sign On Our Temple Walk
What Do You Think? 

                                             Brother And Sister Waite, Theee Best!!!!!

                                Saying Goodbye To Brother Soderquist, :( Love That Guy!!!!!



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