Sunday, September 1, 2013

What An Interesting Week!

KUMUSTA PO KAYO?! Well... this week was definatly one I will never forget! So we started out the week with the Tuesday devotional! Guess who was there! Neil L. Anderson! Got too shake his had! He had the most powerful testimony of Christ! I got to here it live! Man the devotionals here go so hard! I love them! So then Wednesday and Thursday were very hard for me. I just was struggling so hard. I coudnt focus on anything. Our lessons we taught were just crap! I couldnt say anything and we have to teach with no notes! One of my roomates was just killin it with the language. I know everyone says that you shouldnt compare yourself with other missionaries! But guess what everyone still does! So I was pretty hard on my self and discouraged all day on Thursday. I just felt so bad and those bad thoughts were rolling through my head. We ended our class on Thursday night and the teacher left at like 9:00 and then we had to stay and plan till 9:30. So just when I was down in the dumps Heavenly Father snatched my heart from the devil! Our DL decided we should give Priesthood Blessing to whoever needed it! The Elders from Kiribati had never given one before! So my favorite person ever, his name is Mamoe Petelu, gave Elder Golden a blessing of comfort. And he gave it in his native language! And the second he said amen he was like "woaw!" and he started looking at his hands and said " I felt power and radiation come out of my hands" (He said that in a very strong accent) And it just immediatly brought him to tears. It was one of the coolest most spritual things I have ever seen. And I was able to give that same man his own blessing! My first blessing! Coolest thing I have ever done! Just proof of one of the many hands the lord has in our life! Then friday came along and it was a good day! Then again the night class rolled around. One of Elder Atkinsons best friends had came in that Wednesday and we saw him crying with his companion. So we took him outside me and Elder Atkinson and his companion sat outside and he cried and told us he doesnt want to do this anymore and he doesnt feel like he belongs here. And he had his heart set on going home. and how Heavenly Father was not answering his prayers. The guy had such a strong testimony. And my companion didnt know what to say and his companion didnt know what to say. I just felt an impression to talk to him even though I did not know him at all and I knew nothing about him. I shared my testimony with that man, I told him a story, I shared feelings, I told him that satan wants nothing more than for you to go home. I told him to picture those Filipino families that he would be baptizing and changing there lives. I shared my testimony of prayer, and how no matter how long it takes prayers are answered. I shared with him stories about gods love and how proud he is of him. And it wasnt me, I was speaking through Heavenly Father. He felt better, he told me he would pray that night to see if he would stay. I told him I know he will recieve his answer. I saw him today, he is looking a lot better theres a little more brightness in his face so I know Heavenly Father gave him peace last night. Man crazy things happen here!! Well on a lighter note! Thank you so much for the packages and letters! My roomates blew through the donuts you sent I dont even think I ate one haha:) I dont know how many times ive asked this but there better be a letter from Max and Sam in the mail at some point this week!!!!!! Cause I gots to know how the eagles are doing?!?! Haha well mahal kita to all of you! totoo ang simbahan si jesucristo ng mga banal mga huling araw! 

                                                        Oh No Big Deal Just Me Floating!
                                                 Two Of The Best Zone Leaders Ever!           
                                              Saying Goodbye To Shefy And Cole

                   Saying Goodbye To Sister Ogden Good Ol Awkward Elder /Sister Picture

                                                           Hello Elder England!

                                                                  Temple Trip!

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